Roots & Wings

We host GIRLS DAY seminars to inspire & empower girls to grow roots of character, confidence and courage that will give them wings to fly with their purpose, value and futures! 


We cover various self-image and relationships topics that are relevant to questions and struggles  girls are facing today. 

Girls Day 2015 seminars included: 

MIRROR MIRROR: Self-Image - the True U

We will discuss the importance of having a healthy self image and how to see through a new lens. What messages do we hear and see that give us negative feelings about ourselves?


Girls need to find their intrinsic value rather than base it on a boy or middle school relationship that will disappoint. We want girls to know the power knowing their value, the power of choice/consent. Just because a boy desires them, does not necessarily mean he values them.

FRENEMY: Good Friends for U

How do you identify that girl in your friend circle who’s not really being your friend? What do you do? We will walk through what a good and healthy friend looks like, and how to deal with a girl who is a Frenemy.

STICKY LABLES: the truth about U

Words can stick. Negative self talk can stick. But just how do you remove those sticky labels? We will continue our theme on value, and self worth by encouraging girls to identify what negative labels they are carrying at to transform them into truth about themselves!


SONG BIRD: the gift in U

Girls can find out how a local artist writes songs, and will encourage the girls to pursue their gifts and not give up!

HAIR TIPS: Natural Beauty in U

Want some fast hair or makeup tips, one of our young adults will be giving some instruction!

FIT & FUN: Healthy U

It is so important to take care of ourselves body, mind, and soul. This session will focus on fun ways to be active and teaching how to make a delicious smoothie at home.

STOMP- One Girl Nation: Confident U

We are going to have a blast learning a group choreographed dance by one of our local dance teachers. Tied in with our Frenemy talk, we will learn to work in unity and as a team as a one girl nation – no divisions.