TRUE U is a movement of girls and women empowering other girls and  women in re-claiming their God-given beauty, gifts, identity, purpose and value! 

There is nothing better than seeing someone discover their purpose and passion in life. Something that fuels them, something they dream about. One of my many passions is seeing girls discover their potential and live out their purpose with confidence and joy. I hope you get inspired and embrace your unique gifts. 

We want each young woman to KNOW her value! You are a gem, go on a treasure hunt to find all the valuables you contain - you won't have to search very long! 

Meet Kristy: 

So glad you are checking out TRUE U. TRUE U has been on my heart since 2005 through my interactions with young girls in youth ministry, and serving on our District women's ministry team. It was clear women needed encouragement about their value and to have confidence in their abilities! In 2011 after doing smaller girl's days, I felt to re-brand and launch this TU movement to encourage as many girls as I could in my region and beyond. 

As for me, I'm married to Jeff (a True U supporter!). I have a great family that I've had the privilege to grow up with all my life in the same town!

I am enthusiastic about music, dance, playing piano, maple bacon donuts, jogging after eating a maple bacon donut, driving through beautiful country side, biking, deep fried pickles, hanging out with good friends, writing, blogging, decorating, fishing, sports, coaching sports, counselling, organizing events, ministry, my love for God, being amazed by God's love for me, and so much more! 

I have done some schooling over the years. I finished a Master's degree in Counselling in 2011 - which also fuels my passion to see people healthy and whole. I have experience working with girls and young women for over 14 years in ministry, coaching, public school, and counselling settings. 

Much love to you all,